Oberhofer at M-shop – 3/31

Aren’t going to make it Iowa City tomorrow? It’s okay, I understand, I guess. Did you get tickets to Young the Giant and Grouplove before they sold out at People’s? You didn’t!? Well, you’re in luck. The M Shop in Ames hosts one the brightest emerging stars in the world. Go here for details .

Brad Oberhofer is the writer and genius behind the multi-instrumental, art house pop outfit Oberhofer. The sound is jaunty and fun., It dances from classical piano to guitar to electronic without even breaking a sweat. This will be a ton of fun. But whatever you do, remember to go see some live music this weekend. There are lots of choices.

Site related stuff, I feel like I neglected the old girl this week. My duties at our local sporting goods retailer and with DMMC kind of took up the bulk of my time. I will be back Monday with some stuff, probably, and Tuesday the 80/35 lineup drops, so I will have some things to say about that too, I’m sure. Ta ta.

Free Show Alert!!!! Skye Carrasco at The Deadwood in Iowa City 3/31

Click the pic for the full Mission Creek Schedule

My 2010 album of the year was Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs. Kind of a cliche pick, I know, but it was really good. I pretty much listened to it for roughly four months straight. It is a magical album.

My 2011 album of the year is the one I posted above from Iowa City’s Skye Carrasco, Dark Pines. It is so unlike anything else I have ever heard. The classical violin, the piercing vocals, even the simple drums all hit me in just an intense, near personal way. (Here is my review.)

Now, if Arcade Fire was playing a free show in a small club during an awesome festival, I would probably not only be there, I would likely have camped out for a week to make sure I got in. So, why miss Skye Carrasco?

I understand why you wouldn’t go to Iowa City. You have to drive. Maybe find a sitter. Maybe you’re tired from a long week (believe me, it ain’t a horrible excuse). But sometimes you just have to say fuck it and do things. This show is free. This artist is amazing. Get there.

Today @ Desmoinesmc.com

Sorry for the light workload today, but I have been hard at work of at the Des Moines Music Coalition’s site. There are two GDP previews up for The White Elephant and The Beatnicks. Special thanks to Ann Klein for her valuable editing skills and slogging through my sleep deprived and hangover blurred musings.

Today @ Des Moines is Not Boring

Today is about maybe my favorite album I’ve listened to in the last few weeks. Go here to read about Pennyhawk’s Sisterbones. Please click on the Bandcamp link and go buy it because it’s awesome and it’s only six bucks.

A Little Something To Get the Blood Going

I am 31 years old. Last night I played beer pong. Please don’t judge me, my day is already not going the smoothest and I could really use you not to think less of me. I have about ten things I need to write and I am also at home today with my daughter, so, you know, a lot on my plate.

To get moving, I decided to watch this. I have a hard time watching the hardest working band in Iowa, The Poison Control Center, and not firing up. I was actually at this show, and the manic energy of The Poison Control Center is even more infectious in person. So, whatever you have to do today, go out and kill it. And kill my hangover too, will ya?

Today @ DesMoinesMC.com

In my ongoing effort to get you to go to GDP, I previewed Hath No Fury. So, are you going to go to GDP now?

Mission Creek Preview

I have an odd work schedule today so I can’t write something new in this spot. So, feel free to read my preview of the Mission Creek Festival in Iowa City, which kicked off last night. I still hope to make the Sharon Van Etten/Bowerbirds show, so hopefully I will see some of you there. Click here to go to the Des Moines Music Coalition’s website.