The Heligoats At Vaudeville Mews – March 13

Chris Otepka (courtesy of The Heligoats Facebook Page)

The cool thing about being alive in 2012 is that we seemingly have access to pretty much anything we could want, right at our fingertips. So there really is very little excuse for people who bitch about not being able to find new music. Right now, I am listening to the new album Zoo by Ceremony. Who the fuck is Ceremony? I have no idea. But it was listed as a new album, so I am going to give it a shot. It is kind of loud and had some anger issues and so far I dig it, like, a whole bunch. And all it took was a mouse click.

Similar to that are the people who bitch about how a town the size of Des Moines doesn’t get cool acts. We get plenty of cool acts, you just have to be willing to put in a minor amount of effort. That minor amount of effort is what lead me to The Heligoats.

The Heligoats are the project of Chris Otepka, a DeKalb, IL native. They are a project much in the same way The Mountain Goats are John Darnielle’s project. Otepka plays shows with a band, and solo as The Heligoats, and they are both tremendous. Otepka has a kind of overt wit about him that just makes songs seem sillier than they ought to be, while at the same time writing and performing serious and intelligent melodies.

Back to my original point, bands like The Heligoats come to this town a lot (although, maybe not as good as The Heligoats, but you can see my point). What we seem to miss is that music at this point has gone way past the major record label business model and into an arena where someone with obscene talent can appear on a stage in front of 20 people and be just as good a show. Go to any of the venues’ websites or Facebook pages and they will usually list the bands who are playing, and a quick Google search can lead you to discover awesome new things. It was doing just that, that lead me to The Heligoats.

My point is this, you should go to The Heligoats and if you don’t you’re a lazy asshole.

More info is Here



  1. Heligoats is so good! Seriously incredible, this show is going down in history!

  2. […] This is a friendly reminder that you need to go to Vaudeville Mews tonight. Scroll down for my preview, or click here. […]

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