Unicycle Loves You – Tonight!

It’s a damned shame what the term “hipster” has come to mean. It used to mean, you know, someone who was hip. Now it has such an arrogant and hateful connotation that pretty much everyone denies that they are hipsters, even when they so very clearly are. But the thing about hipsters is that while they generally have ironic mustaches and sometimes wear silly clothes and unnecessary accessories, they’re usually pretty spot on when it comes to the artistic community.

Unicycle Loves You are hipsters. They are hipsters in mannerism and in dress. Their songs have that dream pop sound that a lot of recent bands have adopted. Lyrically, they are sarcastic. Their words drip with so much ironic detachment that I’d recommend bringing one of those giant tarps you’d see the people in the front row bring to Gallagher shows. But they are also awesome. So very, very awesome. They can sing and they can write and they can play. They are fun and are far from shoegazers.

Unicycle Loves You plays a 21+ show at Vaudeville Mews tonight with the doors at 8. Opening for them are four of Iowa’s best bands. The New Bodies, Wolves in the Attic, Love Songs For Lonely Monsters and The Wheelers all open, so for $5 you can see some of the best bands in the country. So slap on an ironic tee, slip on your hip waders and throw some fishing tackle in your hair and lets all go party. (I’m so very out of the loop, do hipsters still wear that stuff? I wouldn’t know I guess since I’m not a hipster.)


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