Gross Deomestic Product Song of the Day-ish – The River Monks – Yellow Blue & Green

Gross Domestic Product is just around the corner, and I thought to help promote it a little, I would feature a song from one of the bands each day-ish. I probably won’t do it everyday, thus the -ish. For more info on GDP visit the Facebook Event Page or Des Moines Music Coalition’s website

This may seem to some like a weird transition. Yesterday, I put up the blistering Father in the Sky by Mumford’s and today we move on The River Monks. The only way I would describe The River Monks as blistering is if you forget your sunblock when you lay in the sun and listen to this album. I would recommend doing that if you decide to listen to Jovials. It is so relaxing and smooth that I’d imagine a perfect day would be a chaise lounge, a good pair of sunglasses, about 74 degrees and slight breeze and nothing in the world to care about (wear sunblock, though).

Like I said about Bowerbirds a few days ago, this song is a perfect example of the type of background music you have when you’re doing something important. Even if it isn’t that important, it gives the feeling that you’re succeeding at a higher level, when in fact the music is just so suitably epic. I mean, I am currently listening to it while I lay on the couch with a laptop on my crotch while wearing pajama pants, so I ain’t exactly climbing Mt. Rainier. But somehow, it makes me feel like I am writing some sort of life changing document that the world will lap up and I will ge a Pulitzer and a job at Spin Magazine

I really like this song, and while I like the rest of the album, it was a big reason why this album gets such high marks for me. I am interested to see how they handle it live, since the above video isn’t the best representations of what the song can do feelings-wise.

The rest of the album can be listened to or purchased here


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