Programming Note

So, here’s the deal y’all.

I have been doing a pretty good job at my two posts a day pledge so far, but um, I haven’t slept in about two weeks thanks to still having a day job that requires me to wake at an ungodly hour. Maybe one day I will get paid to write this, but so far I’m doing this Pro Bono. So, I’m taking the rest of the day off so I can take a nap. I’ll do Road Trip Monday tomorrow(or I guess Road Trip Tuesday, which does have a better ring to it now that I think about it) for a show I’m very excited to go see. Later this week, I will have a preview for The Mynabirds at Vaudeville Mews, a review of The Men in advance of their Iowa City show as well as some more GDP stuff and other bits and pieces. Until then, night night
Wait, does this count as a post? Two posts! Whoooo!!!!!


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