Road Trip Tuesday – Nada Surf with An Horse – 3/30 The Waiting Room in Omaha

Here is something I don’t get. Flaming Lips are awesome. Their live show is unreal and their albums are unique and unlike anything other. Somehow, they have completely overcome their early potential one-hit wonder status from “She Don’t Use Jelly”. Every bit of praise and critical acclaim they have earned and is more than well deserved.

Yet, somehow whenever I tell someone that Nada Surf is awesome the first response is always, “Really? Those guys who did “Popular”?” So let me state once, for the record, Nada Surf is awesome. Yes, those guys who did that song “Popular”

Of course, it is a little unfair to compare the two bands other than their potential one hit wonder status. The Flaming Lips are stalwarts of experimentation. They are constantly trying new and mind-bending things whereas Nada Surf are an indie rock band. It would almost be more fair to compare them to, say, Pavement who almost never get just remembered for “Cut Your Hair”. Well, regardless, Nada Surf are great. They have found a way maintain their ability and integrity and still stay slightly under the radar. This is a solid show and they should be regarded in the same air as some of the other 90’s bands who are still spoke of in hushed tones.

I also really like An Horse. A two piece band who of course are going to be compared to The White Stripes, although I think they are close to a male female Local H, if we’re going with two piece bands. They seem to have more of a hard rock hit than a blues infused sound.


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