Free Show Alert!!!! Skye Carrasco at The Deadwood in Iowa City 3/31

Click the pic for the full Mission Creek Schedule

My 2010 album of the year was Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs. Kind of a cliche pick, I know, but it was really good. I pretty much listened to it for roughly four months straight. It is a magical album.

My 2011 album of the year is the one I posted above from Iowa City’s Skye Carrasco, Dark Pines. It is so unlike anything else I have ever heard. The classical violin, the piercing vocals, even the simple drums all hit me in just an intense, near personal way. (Here is my review.)

Now, if Arcade Fire was playing a free show in a small club during an awesome festival, I would probably not only be there, I would likely have camped out for a week to make sure I got in. So, why miss Skye Carrasco?

I understand why you wouldn’t go to Iowa City. You have to drive. Maybe find a sitter. Maybe you’re tired from a long week (believe me, it ain’t a horrible excuse). But sometimes you just have to say fuck it and do things. This show is free. This artist is amazing. Get there.


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