Oberhofer at M-shop – 3/31

Aren’t going to make it Iowa City tomorrow? It’s okay, I understand, I guess. Did you get tickets to Young the Giant and Grouplove before they sold out at People’s? You didn’t!? Well, you’re in luck. The M Shop in Ames hosts one the brightest emerging stars in the world. Go here for details .

Brad Oberhofer is the writer and genius behind the multi-instrumental, art house pop outfit Oberhofer. The sound is jaunty and fun., It dances from classical piano to guitar to electronic without even breaking a sweat. This will be a ton of fun. But whatever you do, remember to go see some live music this weekend. There are lots of choices.

Site related stuff, I feel like I neglected the old girl this week. My duties at our local sporting goods retailer and with DMMC kind of took up the bulk of my time. I will be back Monday with some stuff, probably, and Tuesday the 80/35 lineup drops, so I will have some things to say about that too, I’m sure. Ta ta.


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