Tonight! Murder By Death – Vaudeville Mews

I mentioned it earlier, but I just found out some disturbing news, so it is imperative that you get to the show tonight. It turns out that Murder By Death were robbed last night while in Fargo. This is true, it was on their Facebook, go look for yourself. They lost a computer with some priceless demos on them, a passport and a chunk of money. So, it is imperative that you get to the show tonight, because it sucks that musicians of this caliber are now penniless and without some very hard to replace stuff (okay, it sucks for almost anyone). So, you should go and you should buy a t-shirt and whatever commemorative merchandise they have available.

Also, Derek Lambert and the Prairie Fires and GDP Band (holy shit, I need to do a GDP Song of the Day at some point this week, huh?) The River Monks open. So tickets to a great show, a new shirt, maybe a button or magnet = money well fucking spent.


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