Holy Buckets, There’s A Ton of Good Shows This Weekend

There's a tiger back there. Just trust me.

See that picture? That is my daughter. She is two years old. She is named for a Pogues song, not a Styx song. This picture is her at the Blank Park Zoo. She had a blast. Here she is feeding some goats.

And here she is after some large horse like creature whose name I never caught licked her face.

Okay, I’ll get to the point. I really wanted to try to get to as many of these shows as I could. But I work retail, so that means two things: I don’t have Saturday off and I don’t have a ton of money. I hamstrung myself even more by buying a ticket to the zoo and a stuffed sea lion for my daughter which I could’ve used for say, a cover charge (a choice I will make 100 out of 100 times. I loves you Iowa music, but c’mon). So, now I have to be even more picky on what show I want to try and go to, instead of trying to get to as many as I could. But you, you didn’t take a two year old to the zoo today and you likely don’t work retail. I know it is a gross generalization, but I think it is a safe one. You likely have some more free time and some additional disposable income, an even worse assumption, but don’t argue with me on this. So, try to get to as many parts of these shows as you can. Treat it like an out of nowhere, multi-venue festival.


Jon Drake and the Shakes with Mumford’s and Rebel Creek at Gas Lamp 4/6

Jon Drake and the Shakes are a fun party band out of Chicago who have lots of members and lots of instruments. I think they’re great, but when you add in the manic energy of Mumford’s (I feel like I’ve talked a lot about them in my first month here. They’re awfully good) and the just pure raw talent of Rebel Creek, well this suddenly becomes can’t miss.

(I stupidly forgot to add this one to my Des Moines Is Not Boring column. Clerical oversight.)

Mantis Pincers w/ Films of John C. Reilly and Darrell Hamburger and The Grease Fires at Vaudeville Mews 4/6

Mantis Pincers are a Des Moines supergroup made up of Devin Frank and David Olson from Poison Control Center, John Huffman of The Autumn Project, Eric Moffitt of Keepers of the Carpet, and Jordan Mayland also of Keepers of the Carpet as well as like every other band in the state, I think. They play pop rock with a Pavement hint, but at times a little rougher. They are all super talented performers and amazing musicians. Also, Films of John C. Reilly is a classic Iowa band that very rarely plays shows anymore.

Mint at Wooly’s 4/6

This is Bradford Johnson’s new project, and Bradford Johnson is awesome. He has been part of some of Des Moines’ best bands ever. This is a cool pop-rock band.

(Forgot this one in my Des Moines Is Not Boring Column, too. Dammit.)

Aquapalooza! at Ames High School 4/7

I’m just going to copy and paste the bands that are playing this, but I don’t think WordPress has the bandwith to handle the awesome:

The Poison Control Center
UUVVWWZ (of Nebraska)
The River Monks
Christopher the Conquered
Rebel Creek
Nuclear Rodeo
Utopia Park
Strong Like Bear
Lesbian Poetry
Super Robot Baby
Jaw Harp Potential
Kick Like a Lion
Stranger Than Fiction

That’s a stupid good amount of talent. Like just unfair.

The Melismatics w/ No Good Deed, Sad Fucks and The Strangefellows at Vaudeville Mews 4/7

The Melismatics are insanely good. They are a band from Minneapolis who play guitar heavy, synth backed rock and roll. I happened to catch them one time on a slight whim and well, they destroyed it. They are really, really good live. Hell, the show I saw them play was their second of the night, and they still killed. I’m not real familiar with the openers, but that should almost make you want to see them more.

Local H w/ Joe Buck Yourself and The Hooten Hallers at Bombay Bicycle Club 4/7

If you only know Local H from “Bound For the Floor”, then you’re seriously missing out. This two piece is one of the hardest working and loudest bands in the world. Their catalog is full of just crushing guitars and heartfelt and occasionally heart breaking lyrics.

So, there you have it. That is just a sick two days worth of music. There are even more choices around town, I didn’t even get into some of the cool stuff like Euforquestra at Peoples, Primer 55 or Anthony Gomes at House of Bricks, A.N.D.R.E at The Space For Ames and much more. Loyalty and friendship will take me to Local H, for sure, but I may make it to some of the others if somehow I get a new job and invent a time machine in the next, oh, ten minutes or so.

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