Road Trip Wednesday – Lollapalooza

There is an unfortunate truth in life that there is shit you want to do and shit you have to do. If you’re lucky the shit you have to do will allow you to do the shit you want to do. The last two years I have been lucky enough to go to this festival and had just the time of my life both times. This year looks to be no exception. While I’m not sold on the headliners, the middle and lower tiers of bands are just incredible. From Sigur Ros on down to JEFF The Brotherhood way down towards the bottom, there just doesn’t seem to be a lot of slack. It will make conflicts tough and going from stage to stage even tougher.

Unfortunately for me this year, the shit I have to do does not allow me to do the shit I want to do as I just don’t have the financial ability to pay for two tickets, four nights of a hotel and food and other essentials items (read: whiskey). In fact, just before the lineup dropped, I had to make the uncomfortable decision to cancel the hotel I had already paid for (for a full refund, luckily). So, I need you all to go in my place. Go and drink in the breathy gibberish of Sigur Ros. Go and dance to the excitable gibberish of Die Antwoord. Go and feel the synth power drench your soul with M83. Go and shout lines from Community to Childish Gambino (might I suggest “He’s like if God spilled a person”.) Go and smash some heads to JEFF. Go and swoon over Sharon Van Etten. Go. Just don’t pay any attention to me if you do go as I sit in the corner and pout and curse the mistakes I’ve made in life.

Go here for the full lineup. Hrrumph.


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  1. This breaks my heart.

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