Your Complete GDP Song of the Day-ish

I figured to make it a little easier, I would catalog all of the GDP bands songs of the day into one post. Yes, I stole this idea from Des Moines Music Coalition’s website. What of it?

The Beatnicks

Unknown Component

The White Elephant


Hath No Fury


Trouble Lights

Christopher the Conquered & His Balck Gold Brass Band

The River Monks


And here is the schedule:

6:00 – Unknown Component
7:00 – The White Elephant
8:00 – The Beatnicks
9:15 – Hath No Fury
10:45 – Mumford’s

6:30 – Trouble Lights
7:30 – Tires
8:30 – Love Songs for Lonely Monsters
10:00 – The River Monks
11:30 – Christopher the Conquered & His Black Gold Brass Band

If you are planning on going, you should by tickets now at because you save $5. So, buy tickets now.


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