Your Weekend To Do List!

An oldie, but a goodie.

Last week I wrote a weekend guide with pictures of my kid, and like a whole lot of you read it. I mean like two and a half times my previous best day and four times my usual audience. My hope is that it wasn’t just pictures of the best looking kid in the world that brought you here. If it was, my hope is that most of you also went to some of the shows I posted about, like you’re supposed to. This weekend there are three big ones.

Fine, I will post one more picture.

Rampage Jackson chain

Des Moines Social Club Presents: Subjective Vaudeville w/Trouble Lights, Jordan Mayland, Comedian Ben Gran and The Flying Eagles Acrobalance Troupe – Vaudeville Mews – 4/13 10pm

Remember that video I posted when I debuted this blog and again when I did a preview for Trouble Lights at GDP?

You know, this one:

Well, I get the honor to present to you Trouble Lights’ Des Moines debut. They promise a very special show, and well if you watch that video, you know what they’re capable of. If it was just them, well, it would make the show a can’t miss. However, Jordan Mayland, from Tires, Keepers of the Carpet, Mantis Pincers, Nuclear Rodeo, Volcano Boys, The Wheelers (and I’m sure a bunch more) will play a solo show. He’s awesome. I mean, look at that list of bands he’s partially responsible for. Also, a funny comedian and some people doing cool acrobat stuff. Neat.

Oh, and I guess I will be the host for this show, which could be a train-wreck considering how little I like being in front of crowds and the fact that I’m a little sick. So, come say “hi” and maybe bring me some cough drops and words of encouragement.

Gross Domestic Product – Hotel Fort Des Moines – 6pm>

I have pretty much been pushing this show from day one of this blog, so I feel I may have said enough. Hopefully, I will see you there. If you are new here, scroll through the archives or click here for the official preview at DMMC’s website. I contributed to some of that, if you’re a Murphy Completist (which I know you are).

Ragged Blade Band w/ Ladysoal – 8pm Gas Lamp 4/14

Last week, I forgot a lot of cool shows. That’s just how busy a weekend it was. One of those was a particularly egregious error of not including my sometimes stomping grounds of the Des Moines Social Club and their awesome rock and fashion show featuring one of the most talented bands in the world, Ladysoal. So, I will remedy that by saying if you don’t want to go to GDP for whatever reason, then you should head to Gas Lamp to see Ladysoal open for St. Louis’ Ragged Blade Band. Should be an awesome show.

So there you have it. Once again, I have planned your weekend. You’re welcome.

Fine, one more:

Back, by popular demand.


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