Exciting News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Look At All Those Damned Exclamation Points!)

Okay guys, tomorrow is going to be a very special day here at Iowaves. Right at midnight, I get the pleasure of debuting the new Christopher the Conquered & His Black Gold Brass Band music video for their song “10,000 People”. The video is a unique companion piece to the song where you’re taken to a dream of a dream of a party from a past life. The video was shot by Tony Galloro and is a very unique experience to behold. The song and the video meld together into a truly beautiful blend of images and sound.

This video will be released on the same day of the official release of Christopher the Conquered and His Black Gold Brass Band Decide…The Fate Of A Good Man. If you want an early listen, stop out to AOL Spinner where you can listen to the full album. Along with albums from Janis Joplin, Daniel Johnston, Jack Johnson, Dry the River and Maps & Atlases. So you know, pretty special company. Or you can stop out to Vinyl Cafe tonight and listen to it and also get to see a free performance from Lesbian Poetry. Pretty cool, too.

Oh, and buy the album from Maximum Ames Records.

Also, tomorrow I will have my review of GDP. Did I make it in time to see Trouble Lights? Did I survive the torrential downpour during Tires? Did I finally meet Jen Allen in person? Did Nate Logsdon almost take out a chandelier and perform a cover of Salt N Pepa with his girlfriend during the Mumford’s set? Did Christopher the Conquered knock over his keyboard while doing some acrobatic dancing?

You will have to wait until tomorrow to get the answers to all of those questions.

Okay, the answer is yes. But the review will be worth your time, I promise. Or at least I hope.


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