Christopher the Conquered – “10,000 People”

As promised, here is the new Christopher the Conquered video. It is for the song “10,000 People” and is from the now officially released Christopher the Conquered & His Black Gold Brass Band Decide…The Fate of a Good Man

Here is what singer and songwriter Chris Ford had to say about the video:

“It is on the opposite end of the music video spectrum as the Free To Try video. I wouldn’t really even call it entertainment…I would call it a form of experience. The concept is that it is the dream you might have about a dream you might have had about a party you may have gone to in a past life. It’s more like a visual companion to the song.”

It was shot by Tony Galloro using a Bell and Howell Zoomatic Director Series, the same style of camera used during the Zapruder Film. So its old fashioned look comes not from new school camera tricks, but from an old school camera.

Anyway, watch, enjoy and buy the album.


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