Your Weekend To Do List – Now With More Cats

The internet was made for cat pictures and I have two.

This is Tink. It is short for If Mandy Patinkin Was A Cat. If you get that reference you get a hundred internet points. She is fluffy and thus throws up hairballs frequently. She also still has her claws, so she can be kind of a pain in the ass. For a while, she used to do cool flips when chasing things, but now, she doesn’t.

This is Little. She was named Yoshi and Dr. Gonzo for a while, but we always just called her Little (because at the time, she was the smaller of our two cats. The other was Moosh, god rest his soul, a twenty-five pound behemoth with type 2 diabetes) and that’s what stuck. She is skittish, and kind of a biter.

These two cats can’t go to live music (unless we get HR 1343 passed, and God willing we will. We have the signatures). So you should go for them. Here are some places you should go

Bootytronic’s Electric Veishea – Friday 4/20 Union Drive on the ISU Campus, Ames

A bunch of terrific DJ’s plus Trouble Lights and Surgery. Awesome for those who are curious about Iowa’s EDM scene. Also, are you gonna see Trouble Lights, or what? I’m sick of talking about them. Just make them famous already. I’m very impatient.

Live @ The Cabin Saturday 4/21

This is kind of a random and unique show. Christopher the Conquered, The Chatty Cathys, Diamonds for Eyes, Rebel Creek and more. It is a really good lineup, if you can find it.

John Lefler w/Dustin Smith and Goatee Brothers Vaudeville Mews 4/20

John Lefler is a member of Dashboard Confessional, who are somewhat unfairly maligned. He is a gifted singer-songwriter.

Viva Montesa Vaudeville Mews 4/21

Viva Montesa is an on the rise hard rock band from Des Moines. Ground floor stuff, so get on it.

Tomorrow is also Record Store Day. Head to ZZZ on Ingersoll for lots of cool RSD stuff.


If I missed something (which is very likely because I am sleepy and wrote this in a hurry, but, you know, cats!) leave it in the comments. Follow me on Facebook, and share some stuff there, too.



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