While I Was Out…

I am 31 years old. That seems ancient to me at times, but still young at others. I still have some of my youthful exuberance and occasional bouts of irresponsibility, but I also know that with a young daughter and wife, I have to start thinking about the future. I suck at money, both making it and keeping it, and that seems to be a bit of a problem. I need more education, but I feel like I don’t have the time to actually do it. (excuses and assholes and all that…)

My day job is retail management, which is a job I can do and do well. I wouldn’t say I’m passionate about it or anything, but I can do it. (Off topic, but do you want to get money back on your purchases at Sports Authority? Then see me about signing up for The League, a free rewards program that gives you 5% back on every $100 you spend. This is a free service and you’d be silly not to sign up. All I need is a name, email address and phone number) But I am getting closer and closer to where I need to decide if that is what I’m going to do to take care of my family and actually commit to it or if I am going to do something else. If the latter is the case, then I need to figure out what that other thing is.

Anyway, all that crap is just a way to say the weight of the world was pushing me down a bit this last week and I honestly didn’t have the motivation to write. Shitty excuse and not something I am proud of, I know, but y’all deserve the truth.

Oh, and I got a new video game, so that’s taken up some of my time.

So, while I took a brief mental health vacation, here is some stuff I probably would’ve talked about:

-Semi-finalists for the 80/35 play-in were announced. These are local acts that play a Battle of the Bands in order to get a main stage spot at 80/35, and there is a ton of talent. Here is the list:

The White Elephant
The Beat Strings
The Wire Frames
Love Songs for Lonely Monsters
Emperors Club
Holy White Hounds

I can’t decide who I want to win. To be honest, it is encouraging that this year’s 80/35 is so good, that bands of this caliber aren’t just automatically in. At the same time, it means that I won’t get to see all of them this year, so that sucks a little. I guess, that means less conflicts, so um, yay? Click the links and listen to the bands, and then make an informed decision on who you want to see the most this year. Then go see the others at other shows, too. Perfect plan.

-Nitefall on the River announced two more acts and they’re pretty okay. The pop stylings of 80/35 veteran Ingrid Michaelson will be at Simon Estes on July 17. She is a wonderful singer-songwriter and a has a beautiful voice.

Oh, and on August 21, Andrew Bird.


Sorry, I am very excited. So, along with Jimmy Cliff, that makes three acts that I am so very excited to see. Well done, Nitefall. If you missed it, here is my review of Bird’s album “Break It Yourself”.

-Built to Spill at Wooly’s on 8/27. Fuck. Yes.

-Cool show tonight at Wooly’s for just $5. The synth-dance machine that is Pictureplane is coming from Denver to New York and stopping in Des Moines along with Alphabet. Oh, and Little Ruckus and Trouble Lights. You remember Trouble Lights, right? I have talked about them enough, though. Let me speak a little about Little Ruckus. Little Ruckus is awesome. The end.

– A kind of 80/35 sister festival in Omaha, Maha Music Festival announced their headliners and they’re so very cool. 90’s icons Garbage will be a the co-headliner and the Conor Oberst fronted punk band Desaparecidos will headline. Desa rarely plays, so this will be a very cool festival. Oh, and Shirley Manson.


I’m pretty sure she was my first music crush. She’s all red-haired and Scottish. Oh, to be 15 again. Wait,
no, that time pretty much sucked. The music still holds up pretty well even if the unrequited love doesn’t.

Click the link for ticket info (they’re way cheap for an all day festival of this nature, too.)

I think that’s everything I missed. Well, I know it’s not everything, but well, it’s everything enough for now. I will try to be back later in the day with some more stuff.



  1. Did you post that video because it was live at Loreley? It’s funny I get all excited about seeing the name of a place that until recently I didn’t know exsisted.

    Oh and look at you go! And you’re the best daddy a little lady could hope to have. The rest will sort itself out. Also I think I would like to join that rewards program…you sold me on it.

    • Thanks random person who is for sure not my wife!

      (And no, I just couldn’t find another version of that song that I liked. It was a coincidence it was at Loreley.)

  2. […] While I Was Out… […]

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