80/35 Play In Semi Finals

Hey, remember last week when I mentioned the 80/35 play-in semi-finalists? It was buried in this here news and notes column. Anyway, in said column I made mention that the semi-finalists would play in a battle of the bands. Well, I was kind of a liar. Turns out that these semi-finalists will all play on Iowa Public Radio’s Live From Studio 1 all this week and next. Monday through Thursday, one band will be featured and then a voting period will commence. The top three vote getters will THEN play a battle of the bands for a spot on 80/35’s main stage.

Here is the schedule:

Monday, April 30 — Ladysoal

Tuesday, May 1 — Emperors Club

Wednesday, May 2 — The White Elephant

Thursday, May 3 — The Beat Strings

Monday, May 7 — Seedlings

Tuesday, May 8 — The Wire Frames

Wednesday, May 9 — Holy White Hounds

Thursday, May 10 — Love Songs for Lonely Monsters

I don’t have a dog in this race, at least publicly *wink*. But here is the thing, even if you don’t vote, this is a handy way to listen to 8 awesome Iowa bands in the comfort of your own home. So listen and vote, but most importantly, listen.

Not sure where IPR is on the old fashioned radio machine dial? Then just go here or click the banner. Looks like it will be updated daily with each act, so bookmark it and check it everyday.


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