Road Trip uh Thursday, I Guess – Cloud Nothings – Schubas Tavern – Chicago – 4/6

I like Chicago. Every time I go, I wonder what it would be like to live there. I think of all the things there is to do and how there would never be a dull moment. It is always a case of being blinded by vacation, I’m sure, because I never think of things like how much more expensive it would be or having to deal with traffic. Plus, there is something, I dunno, boring about just having all these bands presented to you all the time. I mean look at all of these choices. There are like six shows I could have picked for this day alone. But Cloud Nothings is where I would end up, especially since I won’t see them at Lollapalooza (although, in theory I would live in Chicago, I could go to Pitchfork, too, since I don’t have to pay for a hotel.) Awesome punk/garage band with some of the early 2000’s rock mixed in. Also, it has an early spot on my albums of the year list, and I’m not sure it is going to fall off.

But I like living in Des Moines. I’m not going to pretend it is without fault, it would be nice if there were more 24 hour food options and I wish more people walked places so I don’t feel like I’m some sort of hoodlum for being on the street, but what I like is that when a cool band does show up, like tonight Murder By Death at Vaudeville Mews, it feels like a big deal. If Murder By Death was playing Chicago on the same day as all these other cool bands, I would likely skip it, which would suck, but in Des Moines, it is an event. Also, I don’t think I would know as much about the local scene in Chicago, since I would be busy going to all the national shows, so I kind of feel like I’d have less civic pride. So, yeah I think I made the right choice by living here. Also, the Cubs suck.


First Bands Announced For 80/35!

All perceived bias aside, I love 80/35. I got involved with DMMC because Des Moines needs 80/35. We need something viable every year that people from all over the country can come to and see what this town has to offer. They need a reason to come to Des Moines and maybe see The Envy Corps or Poison Control Center for the first time.

Here is one of my favorite stories of all time. Patrick Tape Fleming of Poison Control Center told me once that they were in Louisville and played a cover of Christopher the Conquered’s “I’ll Stop Loving You” and someone in the crowd recognized it because they went to 80/35 and fell in love with Christopher the Conquered. We need 80/35 because if we can’t bring our talent to the world, we need to bring the world to our talent.

So how do we get the world to Des Moines? By bringing in the best the world has to offer. This year is arguably the most stacked linep I have seen and we are just getting started. Three of Iowa’s best, Maxilla Blue, Mumford’s and Leslie and the Lys are confirmed. So who do we bring in to play alongside? This is just a small sampling.

Death Cab For Cutie

Avett Brothers

Dan Deacon

Dinosaur Jr. (Also maybe my favorite video ever)

Freddie Gibbs

Oh and


This is just a sampling. Go to for full details.

Show Review: Young the Giant w/ Grouplove – People’s March 31

I wasn't able to take a good picture during the show due to technical issues, so here's a person in a duck costume.

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Mumford’s Triple Trinities Live

While searching for videos to play for GDP artists and other stuff, I stumbled upon this one. It is a full performance of Mumford’s Triple Trinities album. If you have an hour to kill, this video is well worth your time. This should hopefully keep you busy until I get my review of Young the Giant at People’s posted this afternoon/evening.