This Week @ Des Moines is Not Boring

Hi. You’re looking well. I’ve missed you.

New review over at Des Moines Is Not Boring. I talk about Roxi Copland’s new album Pretty Lies. It is a pretty interesting album in that it is just a pretty voice and keys. It kind of sounds like one of those nights where you go into a random bar and it is just a singer and a keyboard. You kind of ignore them while you sip your drink and talk to your friends about, I dunno, American Idol or old high school stories or sports or whatever. Then every once in a while there is a lull in the conversation and you stop to listen and realize the singer is actually pretty good, but you kind of go back into your world even though she never stopped being awesome. This is the album version of if you would just shut up and just listen and stop thinking about yourself so damned much and just paid attention to the art around you and appreciate the beauty you have available.

Anyway, that made sense in my head.

Go here to read my review.

Oh, this is the last week to vote on the 80/35 play in semi finalists. All the sets have been long posted, so you have no excuse to go listen and then make an educated vote, if you haven’t already. Isn’t an informed populace much better than a popularity contest? I know a girl who voted for Bush over Gore because she thought Bush was cuter. Don’t be that girl. Be smart. Head this way to listen and vote.


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