Weekend Shows With Lil’ Bow Tied Me

Look at that kid. Just look at him.

That was me, I’d guess about, 24 years ago, maybe 26. Look at that face. I may actually have a cardigan just like that in my closet right now. And man, that bow-tie. Probably goes without saying, but yeah, it was a clip on.

You want a test if you’re a pessimist or an optimist? Look at a picture of little you. You can tell which one you are simply if you want to tell them about all the bad things in the world or if you want to tell them about the good things.

My first instinct is to pity that poor bastard. I kind of just want to tell him to fucking run for his life, but I am a gigantic pessimist. I want to let him know that maybe it would be a good idea to just hold up in a shack in the woods and learn to live off the land and start my own language like Nell. I want to let him know just what shape the world is going to be in with the wars and terrorists and political strife home and abroad. Maybe tell him that he won’t be a baseball player for a living because he is terrible at baseball. How he’ll get really into politics and then they’ll all eventually let him down. How this passing fancy with professional wrestling will begin to take a big part in his life until his favorites will all seemingly die prematurely. One will plummet to his death in front of a live crowd and another will murder his wife and kid. Oh, you have a poster of Mr. Perfect on your wall? Cocaine overdose, kiddo.

I also want to warn him about The Kardashians; maybe he can stop them.

But the more I think about it, the more I want to let him know that despite the wars and politicians and drug addicted/psychotic murderer grapplers and Armenian reality stars, there’s cool stuff, too. He’ll get married to his best friend and they’ll speak mostly in Arrested Development quotes and annoy mutual friends with their fights about nonsense and in depth conversations about how Walt Whitman was gay for Abe Lincoln. They’ll have a kid who watches The Simpsons as a toddler and who responds to questions about why she does stupid things by stating, “‘Cause, I’m Lorelei.” How you’ll have a shitty job, but it’s cool, you won’t be there forever and it won’t define you.

And man, will there be some great art. The town you grew up in will explode in a sea of creativity. Oh, and you get to cover it and people will read it and everything. You won’t just have to keep writing poems about cartoon characters to get noticed.

First things first. Congrats to Holy White Hounds, Seedlings and Love Songs For Lonely Monsters for winning the 80/35 play-in. All three get spots at the fest, with one getting a spot on the main stage. Hope you all went out and voted, now go support the other acts that didn’t make it. They’e awesome, too.

Sandwich Eatin’ Crew Takes Over Vaudeville Mews – Trouble Lights, Lane Weaver, Beef Cake, Olsen Twinns – 930pm Vaudeville Mews 6/1

This is the bike gang that runs with Little Ruckus. They’re all incredible.

Go see them.


Roxi Copland – Temple For Performing Arts – 7pm 6/1

This is Roxi’s album release show for her new album, Pretty Lies. I reviewed it last week and its great.

Benefit For Bradley – House of Bricks – 930pm 6/2

This is a benefit for the family of a young man who suffered from brain tumors. This is a great cause, so stop by and donate or bid on something from the auction (lots of cool art and other items) or go and listen to some great music. The highlight for me would be Madam Jules, who I like a lot.

Ankeny Unplugged w/ Parlours, Hanwell, Milk and Eggs and Death Ships – Wagner Park 4pm 6/2

The first show from the awesome Ankeny Unplugged concert series. I like Parlours and Hanwell. I’m not super familiar with Death Ships, but I’m sure theyre great. But Milk and Eggs is so, so good. My stars, can she write and can she sing. Here’s a review of her album that I wrote last year.

Any more? Leave ’em in the comments.



  1. DAVE! Always forgetting about the Gas Lamp!
    Lake Street Dive on Wednesday w/ Diamonds for Eyes
    Christoper the Conquered & his Black Gold Brass Band w/ Seedlings on Thursday
    Zeta June (Iowa City Blast Rockers) on Sunday!

    + many many many more can’t miss shows all over the city!
    Love ya sir!

    • I didn’t forget! For this post I was just trying to condense it for shows this past weekend…although I will be honest, yes, sometimes I miss The Gas Lamp for some reason that I cannot explain. Everyone go to the Gas Lamp, it is great and they get lots of cool shows. I will make it up to you later this week, promise…

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