80/35 Song of the Day-ish – Derek Lambert and the Prairie Fires – It Shines

In case you weren’t around for GDP, this will be my somewhat daily feature where I talk about one song from an 80/35 act to get you pumped up for the festival. This year, the festival is Friday and Saturday July 6 and July 7 in Western Gateway Park. Visit 80-35.com for more info and Midwestix for ticket info.

Yesterday, I said Derek Lambert and the Prairie Fires were a little classic rock. I realize later that it may have been a poor choice of words. Now while I don’t exactly mean that in a sort of Boston or Aerosmith way, I guess it rings a little closer to the Sun Records era of rock. It is classic rock in a timeless, almost primitive sense. The rhythm and story all feels familiar, like you should be able to put your finger directly on what the sound is.

Yet, there is something kind of contemporary about it. It is so quick all the time, and the lyrics feels like a Johnny Cash tale, but sped up a bit to fit in with our everyone in a hurry society. It seems rooted in the same rockabilly meets punk rock that Social Distortion singer Mike Ness likes to do on his solo projects or if a punk band were to take on a traditional folk song. That seems to give it a little less old time vibe.

The most unique part of it, though, is Lambert’s voice. A couple of tweaks and I think it could be country-western, but it never quite slips into a full on twang. It also reminds me a bit of Tom Morello as The Nightwatchman. I adore this song and have since the first time I heard it. It is timeless.


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  1. […] know, the band is going to be rocking the epic 80/35 Music Festival in Des Moines on July 7! Listen for yourself right here. And if that song makes you want to see the Prairie Fires as soon as possible, which it most […]

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