Two Great Shows at Gas Lamp This Week!

Posters by the always incredible Van Holmgren

My friend called me out in the comments the other day for forgetting about The Gas Lamp and, well, he’s right. I honestly do sometimes forget to check Gas Lamp’s page. To be fair, I forget to check Wooly’s a lot, too. Heck, I almost always forget to check the Des Moines Social Club, and I was kind of the guy in charge of music there for a long time and I guess still sort of am. I guess it is just a familiarity thing. I spent my whole life going to Vaudeville Mews for my music needs, that I kind of just head there first. I am also very lazy so sometimes I go to Mews’ website and there are like four shows that I think are great, so assuming that’s good enough I dust off my hands and hit send and call it a day. But yeah, there was not excuse for me not to cover Daymoths and Guitar Wolf. That’s just lunacy.

Here is my pledge to you guys. I will never stop being lazy. I will, however, try to be less lazy. I will start checking Gas Lamp’s (and Wooly’s and DMSC’s) website a little bit more frequently when I do these posts and I will try to include ALL of the shows I find interesting, not just enough to fill some imaginary quota.

Anyway, tonight at 7pm is the jazz pop band Lake Street Dive. I listened to a little bit today and they’re a smooth jazz quartet who do a lot of cool modern tracks. It is a sound that I usually don’t immerse myself in, but I really liked the few songs that I listened to. Vocally, there is a bit of a Fiona Apple or PJ Harvey quality to it, and I love me some Polly Jean.

Opening for them are the awesome Diamonds for Eyes. Hey remember when I said I was going to be less lazy? That means I will continue to be somewhat lazy, so here is a review I wrote for their album last year. This should be a cool relaxed show and well worth your time.

Tomorrow is the always amazing Christopher the Conquered and His Black Gold Brass Band. I don’t really feel like I need to do much more to hype this one up than I have for pretty much the entirety of this blog’s existence. But anyway, go to this. It also has Seedlings, who just opened for President Barack Obama, so you know, no big deal or anything. Also, Sean Huston and the great Dustin Harmsen. 9pm for this one.


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