80/35 Song of the Day-ish – Seedlings – Between Us

Seedlings opened for Barack Obama. That’s the actual POTUS, not the name of some new dubstep group. (from their Facebook page)

In case you weren’t around for GDP, this will be my somewhat daily feature where I talk about one song from an 80/35 act to get you pumped up for the festival. This year, the festival is Friday and Saturday July 6 and July 7 in Western Gateway Park. Visit 80-35.com for more info and Midwestix for ticket info.

I actually remember the first time I heard Seedlings. It was 2009 and the Vaudeville Mews hosted a fundraiser for Youth and Services Shelter, Inc., a non-profit close to my wife’s heart and career. I went because The Envy Corps were playing. Also, for the children, because much like Wu Tang Clan, I’m for the children.

There are a lot things I remember about that night. As it turned out, it was kind of an important night for our family (I will spare you the details as to why that is), so there are a ton of things that stick out. It was Miracle on Ice Day, the anniversary of when the 1980 US Men’s Hockey Team beat the Russians. You may think that is a random event to remember, however in my house, February 22 is a sacred, national holiday. So yeah, I remember.

Also, the Oscars were on that night, and even though it has been over a decade since I would describe myself as any sort of cinephile and many years since I even paid attention to movies (I still blow people’s minds at work when I tell them I have yet to see a single Iron Man or Avatar, and yet I somehow saw Let’s Go To Prison in the theater, but I’m digressing), we still watch the Oscars with regularity. Mostly for the dead people montage. So, missing out on part of the ceremony was shocking to me, and I was kind of checking my watch all night to see if the show was going to end in time for us to get back and watch the In Memoriam and who would get the most applause (Paul Newman was the clear winner, both at the event and in our house).

I also remember it was the first time I had ever met Poison Control Center lead singer Patrick Tape Fleming. I remember being super nervous about talking to him. I wanted to try and book him for a fundraiser for the Des Moines Social Club, and well, I suck at networking. Even after three years, lots of events, many new people met, thousands of emails sent, random dinner and now birthday parties and just straight up introductions later and I’m still terrible at it. So, I did what any normal person would do; I drank heavily and then introduced myself. Knowing what I know now, and how awesome a person Patrick is, well, it probably wasn’t necessary. Oh, and PCC played that DMSC event and they were awesome, as per usual.

But I also remember Seedlings. To be fair though, I don’t remember everything about them, I can’t remember if it was a duo or a trio that night, but I know they weren’t a full band just yet. Or maybe there were four. I think there were three. But, I remember the sound and thinking it was really pretty and harmonious. I remember thinking they were a pure folk band, and that this was a band that we would hear from again, but to be honest, I didn’t really listen to a lot of their work but a track here and there or part of a set on occasion. But their name has always been synonymous with that night, so I’ve always held them in high regard.

Fast forward three years and here we are. I still don’t watch movies, I still suck at networking and I’m still kind of intimidated by Patrick Tape Fleming because of how great of an artist he is, even though he is one of the top two or three nicest people I have ever met. Seedlings, however, have grown exponentially as artists. This song, “Between Us”, is incredible.

In their bio, they describe themselves as “A group of friends who really, really like playing music together” and you can really, really tell. There is just a radiance of love coming from the track that you can tell isn’t forced. They all just seem to be telling a love story with the notes they play as much as it is lyrically. It is hard not to get swept up in the emotion. I have yet to listen to the song with a straight face. I even tried one time, but by the first chorus I had a silly little grin.

So yeah, when I said these play-in bands were all legit, it meant it. But it wasn’t until I reacquainted myself with Seedlings that I realized just how true that statement is.

Seedlings play a show tonight at 9pm at Gas Lamp. Alongside Shaun Huston and Dustin Harmsen, the open for the great Christopher the Conquered. Head to Gaslampdsm.com for more info.

Author’s Note: In arguably the meanest thing anyone has ever done to me, Seedlings released a new video roughly an hour after I finished writing this (yes, I wrote it last night). So, now I am behind the times. I could’ve been the first to review the new song, but noooooooooo. Here is the video, presented without comment. Okay, one comment. It is great. But I ain’t changing the title to “Songs”.


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