This Week @ … Ames Tribune!?

One more quick thing, I helped write an article for an actual print newspaper. I have gone legitimate. Head here to read about my 10 favorite local music websites.


  1. Thanks for kind words about Indie Moines in that Ames Trib piece . . . that was a nice surprise to see in the traffic report today. Much appreciated!

    I actually plan to write a music-related piece tomorrow . . . as one of the few human beings on the planet who has gone on the record as liking the Bob Welch era of Fleetwood Mac more than the Buckingham-Nicks era, I feel I owe Bob a tribute after his sad passing this week.

    On a happier note, I totally hope that the Pogues song your daughter is named after is Phil Chevron’s “Lorelei,” because (see Number 1):

    River river river have mercy . . .

    • Nope, I named her Boat Train. Boat Train Murphy. It’s a family name…

      Yup. Named her Lorelei. It was just on a short list before she was born, and then one day I was just on shuffle and I was thinking about becoming a dad, and that song came on. It just felt right.

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