80/35 Song of the Hour – Tajh – Love Letter To D.M.I.

Tajh plays the Kum & Go Stage tonight at 6pm

I actually remember coming across this a while back and not knowing what to think of it. The video is excellently shot and kind of a cool cross section of Tajh’s life. The song is simple and the flow is cool. What caught me off guard about this is that here is a young man who actually likes Des Moines. He likes and represents his hometown and that town is Des Moines. It was one of the first things in a long time that made me realize that the next generation will come to revere this town the way I do, but not enough other people my age seem to.

So hooray for the younger generation. They are the ones that are going to take the groundwork so many of us have tried to lay and turn this city into something even better than what it is right now. Just, hey younger generation, while you’re out there breaking new artistic ground and shattering decades old stereotypes about Des Moines, can you get off my lawn while you do it? Thanks. Damn kids.


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