It’s Today! It’s Today! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo by the incredible Jill Haverkamp. It seems unfair to put in a caption of a photo just how much I admire Ms Haverkamp, so just know that Jill is in a small group of people who I have put on a pedestal in this town and am still sort of star struck to be around and somehow get to call friend (Jill, Zack Mannheimer, Chris Ford, Amedeo Rossi, Patrick Tape Fleming, Nate Logsdon, and Aeon Grey are all probably tied for the lead of people in this town who I revere the most. I’m gonna be real mad when I re-read this and realize I forgot some names. Becky Migas! Whew, almost forgot one (I will forget more, no worries) (I like parenthesis)) and we’ll leave it at that. One day, when I’ve had more booze, I will probably just pen a dumb-ass fan letter to On Pitch, post it on this website, and then immediately be super embarrassed by it. I’m a little embarrassed by this caption, in fact. Can we just move on and talk about something else? So, seriously in like 9 hours Damian Abraham will likely be shirtless on this stage and I couldn’t be more excited by that notion. And then Dino and then Avetts!? Holy shit. Wait, am I still in the caption? Crap.

Today is finally the day. Holy balls, it feels like it has been just for-ever since the last 80/35. Honestly, I don’t care if it is 200 degrees out today (and it practically is), I will be there for the opening note of Fucked Up’s set, on into Tajh and Dinosaur Jr., Freddie Gibbs and into the Avett Brothers where I will very likely start crying when they play “I and Love and You.” Don’t judge me, Iowa.

But before we begin today’s festivities, I figure since this is Iowa’s biggest music weekend, I will start the fest of right and do lots of previews. So starting right now at 10 am and going until 4 pm, Iowaves Music will have HOURLY updates. That’s right. I’m going to do reviews and promos and songs of the hour-ish because that’s how excited I am.

Here is where we begin. We begin with yesterday. I wrote something over at Des Moines Is Not Boring for a solid dozen of my favorite acts on the free stages. So go ahead and click the pic and head that way. Then be back here at 11 am then 12 pm then 1 pm then 2 pm then 3 pm then 4 pm and for something else, and then meet me at Fucked Up and we will smash faces together, like Iowans.

Even Lorelei is excited for 80/35. She will be at Little Ruckus’ set tomorrow, for sure. S!E!C! Oh, click to go to my DMiNB column.


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