Meet and Greet Schedule

The Avett Brothers

I’m not one for meet and greets. Mostly because I’m terrible at small talk. I kind of don’t know what to say at these things. Do you just walk up and tell them they’re awesome? Do you act like you’ve been friends for years and their presence does not faze you? Do you try and think of an interesting question to ask? After you do that, do you then listen intently or just smile smugly knowing that you are smarter and better behaved than these other mongrels in line who probably burst into tears and screamed “I love you” to Seth Avett? Are you then the biggest asshole in the world? Do you burst into tears and scream “I love you”? These are all options and all things I’d like to avoid. Anyway, here is the schedule. The meet and greet spot is in the free area on Locust and 12th St.

6:00 Dustin Smith & the Sunday Silos
6:15 Pieta Brown
6:30 Avett Brothers
7:00 Seedlings
8:00 Dumptruck Butterlips
8:30 Bright Giant

2:30 Maxilla Blue
2:45 Love Songs For Lonely Monsters
3:00 Delta Rae
4:00 Christopher the Conquered
4:15 Mark Mallman
4:30 Sun Company
4:45 Greensky Bluegrass
5:00 Leftover Salmon
6:30 The Sundogs
7:45 Mantis Pincers
8:15 Leslie & the LY’s (Also, did you know it isn’t The “LIES”, it is The “EL WHYS”. That shit blew my mind when I found that out, yesterday. I had been saying it wrong for years!)


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