80/35 Song of the Hour – Pieta Brown – Never Did Belong

Pieta Brown plays at TONIGHT at 8pm the FREE HyVee Triathlon Stage

Here is a fact about me. I built my music experience at the public library. I’d go and check out my limit of twenty cd’s at a time and listen to as many as I could as many time as I could before I had to take them back, or else feel the wrath of late fees on twenty items. I would always pick about ten or twelve albums I had heard of, either classics or something that was highly pushed, and then I would just browse. Things with cool band names or album art and things like that, I would take home and give a listen. But there was a good chance that if it was a woman with a guitar or violin or piano or even just a solo female singer, I would give it a chance.

I am just drawn to female singer/songwriters for some reason (a reason I’m sure Freud would have a thing or two to say about). I just like strong women with something to say. And if you’re in the music biz, you have to be a strong female. Pieta Brown is a strong female and always has something to say.

This song isn’t my favorite from her, to be honest. I honestly like her piano driven works a little better. But, it was the top hit on YouTube and is a good diving in point with her work, so I figured it would be the one I talk about. I do like the steel guitar and the country overtones. Plus, Brown’s voice is as beautiful in this song as it is in any song. She really has an amazingly calming voice. Something lulling without being boring.

Pieta Brown is a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice, but she is mostly a beautiful and gifted artist.



  1. you know Julie went to high school with her.

    • I did NOT know that. Cool, she’s incredible.

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