80/35 Day 1 Recap

Damian Abraham of Fucked Up stands in the middle of the pit while sweaty kids smash into each other around him. This photo was taken safely behind the guardrail in the VIP section because I am old and scared.

– I got a press pass because I am a legitimate journalist. (heh)

– It was hot.

– Made it in time for Fucked Up.

– Damian Abraham sang in the crowd the majority of the time with a wired mic, just whipping and clotheslining people with it, mostly on accident.

– They played “Queen of Hearts” first because they wanted me to have a heart attack and die.

– He started a Yes! chant like Daniel F’ing Bryan.

– I stayed the fuck out of the circle pit because I am old and it was hot, but I really wanted him to hug me for some reason.

– Fucked Up was incredible.

– I sat in Proof to cool off and eat a chicken sandwich. It was awesome, but I missed Tajh.

– Made it back for Dinosaur Jr.

– They were loud.

– J. had some guitar issues, and he seemed grumpy, but Lou Barlow was awesome.

– They played for a long time and closed with a cover of The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven”

– Dinosaur Jr. was incredible.

– I went on a wild goose chase to find my friend Moose serving beer, only to realize that he was pretty much right behind me the whole time.

– Missed most of Gibbs because of it, which sucked. Not the set, the fact that I missed most of it.

– Made it back for Avetts.

– The Avett Brothers were incredible.

– I cried during “I and Love and You”. Don’t judge me.

– Caught Little Ruckus at Mews afterwards, but left before Terror Pigeon because I am old and tired.

– Little Ruckus was incredible.

– I got medium to mostly drunk.

– Woke up with a headache.



  1. Can I just copy and paste this, leaving out Fucked Up because I missed them?

  2. During Dino Jr.’s hiatus, I saw Mascis play a show in Saratoga Springs, New York with a group called CorCraft, which also featured Suzanne Thorpe from Mercury Rev and three friends of mine from the Albany area (including my favorite Wolfman: http://jasonmartinwebsite.com/). It was a tiny show with a tiny crowd . . . and Mascis seemed grumpy then, too, despite the band delivering a great show. I kinda think it’s just his thing . . .

    Some six months ago, I agreed to a family golf outing in the Twin Cities this past weekend, little realizing that it was 80/35 time . . . next year, I will plan calendar better and sooner . . .

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