Orchestrate Jazz Lunch Series at the Des Moines Social Club: Thursday, July 12 with Max Wellman

Got a little sidetracked this week and meant to put this up much sooner so, man, I hope you are reading this before noon on Thursday. The silky voiced Max Wellman as well as a talented backing band of Dave Rezek, Ron Roberts and Steve Charlson are playing a show Thursday July 12 at 12pm, yep, 12 noon. This is a hell of a show for those who love soulful crooners and smooth jazz. Oh, and it’s at noon, so spend your lunch hour escaping Nationwide or whatever and listen to some soothing music and enjoy a burrito. Oh, you get a Quatro Burrito, too. What an awesome show. Probably shouldn’t even go back to work after, or at the very least take a long lunch and maybe go for a walk or something. Treat yourself a little. You deserve it. $7 at Des Moines Social Club @ Kirkwood Hotel.

More info right here.


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  1. […] an early signal that Yes, Rachel, There Really is Jazz in Des Moines. And last year we went to the Orchestrate Jazz Lunch series. We only made it to the last show of the season, but it was excellent – The Don Jaques […]

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