Iowa Opera House Project @ Blairsburg Opera House

Funny thing happened in the comments section of my 80/35 post (incidentally, thanks tons for all that read it and had good or bad to say). We had a little scuffle, nothing too awful, but it got a little, um contentious. Anyway, after the dust settled a bit, I was pointed in the direction of a really cool project called the Iowa Opera House Project. Essentially, it is a group of musicians who travel to small towns in Iowa and play in historic opera houses. These places are usually in the neighborhood of 100-150 years old, most still without a sound system or any sort of modern contrivances most musicians are used to at this point. The musicians who play these shows are all classic Americana, roots, folk country, etc. musicians who use their voices and instruments to their full advantage.

They have been touring these historic venues both as a cool spot to play, but also to bring awareness to these smaller towns and to help preserve these historic buildings. It is a great project, and even better some awesome musicians. But really, the selling point isn’t just the talented acts, it is also the opportunity to check them out in a unique setting in a likely unfamiliar town with the hope being maybe you go to a restaurant in that town, then maybe have a drink at a local bar afterwards. As a somewhat small town kid, let me just say that small town bars are the best.

The next event is Friday, July 13, at the Blairsburg Opera House in Blairsburg, Iowa (just east of Fort Dodge, conveniently located off I-35, so it isn’t that far). This promises to be a unique experience with some very talented artists. I am a particularly big fan of Thankful Dirt, a unique sounding, harmonious folk country act and Milk and Eggs, a sweet voiced and brilliant storyteller. While those are my personal favorites, all four acts are talented and unique. Come on, it’s not that far for a really cool gig.

Click the banner poster to get to their Facebook page or head here for more info.


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