80/35 Day 1 Recap

Damian Abraham of Fucked Up stands in the middle of the pit while sweaty kids smash into each other around him. This photo was taken safely behind the guardrail in the VIP section because I am old and scared.

– I got a press pass because I am a legitimate journalist. (heh)

– It was hot.

– Made it in time for Fucked Up.

– Damian Abraham sang in the crowd the majority of the time with a wired mic, just whipping and clotheslining people with it, mostly on accident.

– They played “Queen of Hearts” first because they wanted me to have a heart attack and die.

– He started a Yes! chant like Daniel F’ing Bryan.

– I stayed the fuck out of the circle pit because I am old and it was hot, but I really wanted him to hug me for some reason.

– Fucked Up was incredible.

– I sat in Proof to cool off and eat a chicken sandwich. It was awesome, but I missed Tajh.

– Made it back for Dinosaur Jr.

– They were loud.

– J. had some guitar issues, and he seemed grumpy, but Lou Barlow was awesome.

– They played for a long time and closed with a cover of The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven”

– Dinosaur Jr. was incredible.

– I went on a wild goose chase to find my friend Moose serving beer, only to realize that he was pretty much right behind me the whole time.

– Missed most of Gibbs because of it, which sucked. Not the set, the fact that I missed most of it.

– Made it back for Avetts.

– The Avett Brothers were incredible.

– I cried during “I and Love and You”. Don’t judge me.

– Caught Little Ruckus at Mews afterwards, but left before Terror Pigeon because I am old and tired.

– Little Ruckus was incredible.

– I got medium to mostly drunk.

– Woke up with a headache.


Get Down Here Now

So, I feel as if I have done my part. Get downtown in time for Seedlings or Dustin Smith and the Sunday Silos or Fucked Up. I wish I had more time to talk about this event. I still haven’t scratched the surface. I didn’t really talk about the jam bands, but if you like jam bands there are so many. I didn’t really talk about EDM, but all four are great, especially Solarz and Brad Goldman.

Also, I have been trying to write a review of the newest Maxilla Blue album, Volume 3, most of the day, and each review I have written has been shitty. So here is a shortened version, the album is awesome and you would be silly to miss them tomorrow at 4pm on the Kum & Go stage. So, yeah, shut off your computer, put your phone away and meet me at Fucked Up.

From The Vault – Bright Giant – King and Queens of Air

I’m still napping. Here is a review of Bright Giant’s album Kings and Queens of Air that I wrote a few months back. Bright Giant plays tonight at 7pm on the Kum & Go Stage.

Head here for the review. While you’re there maybe check the archives. I also wrote about Maxilla Blue and Mumford’s and Christopher the Conquered and a whole lot more.

80/35 Song of the Hour – Mantis Pincers – Berlin

Video shot by the talented Tony Galloro

Mantis Pincers play Saturday at 6pm on the Kum & Go Stage

80/35 Song of the Hour – Tajh – Love Letter To D.M.I.

Tajh plays the Kum & Go Stage tonight at 6pm

I actually remember coming across this a while back and not knowing what to think of it. The video is excellently shot and kind of a cool cross section of Tajh’s life. The song is simple and the flow is cool. What caught me off guard about this is that here is a young man who actually likes Des Moines. He likes and represents his hometown and that town is Des Moines. It was one of the first things in a long time that made me realize that the next generation will come to revere this town the way I do, but not enough other people my age seem to.

So hooray for the younger generation. They are the ones that are going to take the groundwork so many of us have tried to lay and turn this city into something even better than what it is right now. Just, hey younger generation, while you’re out there breaking new artistic ground and shattering decades old stereotypes about Des Moines, can you get off my lawn while you do it? Thanks. Damn kids.

Meet and Greet Schedule

The Avett Brothers

I’m not one for meet and greets. Mostly because I’m terrible at small talk. I kind of don’t know what to say at these things. Do you just walk up and tell them they’re awesome? Do you act like you’ve been friends for years and their presence does not faze you? Do you try and think of an interesting question to ask? After you do that, do you then listen intently or just smile smugly knowing that you are smarter and better behaved than these other mongrels in line who probably burst into tears and screamed “I love you” to Seth Avett? Are you then the biggest asshole in the world? Do you burst into tears and scream “I love you”? These are all options and all things I’d like to avoid. Anyway, here is the schedule. The meet and greet spot is in the free area on Locust and 12th St.

6:00 Dustin Smith & the Sunday Silos
6:15 Pieta Brown
6:30 Avett Brothers
7:00 Seedlings
8:00 Dumptruck Butterlips
8:30 Bright Giant

2:30 Maxilla Blue
2:45 Love Songs For Lonely Monsters
3:00 Delta Rae
4:00 Christopher the Conquered
4:15 Mark Mallman
4:30 Sun Company
4:45 Greensky Bluegrass
5:00 Leftover Salmon
6:30 The Sundogs
7:45 Mantis Pincers
8:15 Leslie & the LY’s (Also, did you know it isn’t The “LIES”, it is The “EL WHYS”. That shit blew my mind when I found that out, yesterday. I had been saying it wrong for years!)

80/35 Song of the Hour – Pieta Brown – Never Did Belong

Pieta Brown plays at TONIGHT at 8pm the FREE HyVee Triathlon Stage

Here is a fact about me. I built my music experience at the public library. I’d go and check out my limit of twenty cd’s at a time and listen to as many as I could as many time as I could before I had to take them back, or else feel the wrath of late fees on twenty items. I would always pick about ten or twelve albums I had heard of, either classics or something that was highly pushed, and then I would just browse. Things with cool band names or album art and things like that, I would take home and give a listen. But there was a good chance that if it was a woman with a guitar or violin or piano or even just a solo female singer, I would give it a chance.

I am just drawn to female singer/songwriters for some reason (a reason I’m sure Freud would have a thing or two to say about). I just like strong women with something to say. And if you’re in the music biz, you have to be a strong female. Pieta Brown is a strong female and always has something to say.

This song isn’t my favorite from her, to be honest. I honestly like her piano driven works a little better. But, it was the top hit on YouTube and is a good diving in point with her work, so I figured it would be the one I talk about. I do like the steel guitar and the country overtones. Plus, Brown’s voice is as beautiful in this song as it is in any song. She really has an amazingly calming voice. Something lulling without being boring.

Pieta Brown is a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice, but she is mostly a beautiful and gifted artist.