Sooooo, This Is Awkward…

So, uh, yeah. I have been away.

I went from trying to do two posts a day to pretty much taking the month of August off. And now here we are, my credibility is shot and my motivation has evaporated. I’m not sure what to attribute my lack of posts. I had a whole list of excuses to try and use, but the simple fact is I just haven’t been writing. I set out to take a few days off around my birthday, and well I guess if I just don’t keep myself motivated, everything falls to shit.

I did, however, manage to throw together a couple of reviews for Des Moines Is Not Boring over the month. Here is one for Ames band Jaw Harp Potential. In a nutshell, I think these ladies have an enormous amount of potential and this EP shows that. Go check it out, because this won’t be the last we hear of them.

The other is for the band Parlours. I loved this album. It hit me in the right spot for what I have been listening to lately. It is so pretty and vibrant.

Anyway, I’m going to do my best to ween this whole blogging thing back into my life. I mean, what else do I have going on?


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  1. Welcome back! The first post after an absence is always the hardest to write . . . since the time off often makes you feel like you need to make A STATEMENT or demonstrate that you spent two months crafting THE BEST BLOG POST EVER!!!! I believe that the easiest way to beat blog clog is to just write a short, quick post about nothing of particular significance . . . just to provide something that will allow the “POST” button to be pushed, and (hopefully) clear any sense of self-induced pressure . . .

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