Lots and Lots of Links to Lots and Lots of Stuff

There are a few things I have been meaning to mention for a while now, but you know, I got struck with an acute case of the lazies.

– First, I have a new review for the album Diatoms from Fairfield band Animal over at Des Moines Is Not Boring. This features Phil Rabalais from Trouble Lights and Utopia Park and Darla Murphy on vocals. Also a guy named David Murphy worked on the album as well, but it isn’t me. I may start telling people it was just because the album is so rad.

– Couple of cool shows coming up in the next couple of weeks. Quick and Dirty style. I’d say there is a good chance I will do some more for these shows, but for now BAM:

Cloud Nothings play M-Shop September 15th. Uh, yes please.

The Legendary Melvins at Wooly’s Sept 16

Sliversun Pickups with School of Seven Bells and Atlas Genius at Hoyt Sherman Sept 18.

Also, Sept 18 is MuteMath with Civil Twilight, also at Wooly’s.

– Three awesome local bands are all having album release shows very soon:

Rockers Viva Montesa release their first full length this Saturday at Wooly’s.

Local legends North of Grand have their release show on September 14 at Gas Lamp.

Finally, blog favorite Trouble Lights have two release shows planned. One in Ames during the Max Ames Festival (Tickets are inexplicably still available for Jeff Mangum. Go to that) on Sept 20 and one in Des Moines at Wooly’s on Sept 28.

-On a related note, Maximum Ames Records announced that on September 17 they will launch the Iowa Music Store. This is a one stop spot to purchase music from all kinds of different Iowa artists, not just ones on the Max Ames roster. Kind of a cool deal.

– Finally, Little BIG Fest, the third of three Des Moines Music Coalition event fundraisers will be happening on November 17. This event is usually a little more geared towards jam bands, roots, acoustic and world music. If you’re in a band and want to be a part of this, go to their website. They are currently accepting submissions until Sept 7. (Holy crap, that’s tomorrow. Man, I slacked a bit too much on this one. Uh, get on it!)

I’m sure there is more, but that’s all I can think of off the top of my head. But yeah, Iowa, huh? Who knew?



  1. I’ma try to hit that September 28 Trouble Lights show at Wooly’s, and look forward to shopping that Iowa Music Store. We have Christopher the Conquered playing at our After Hours Event in the secret basement of Salisbury House after our Gatsby Gala tomorrow night . . . so looking forward to that hot piece of local music too!!

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