Here Is Some More Stuff To Make It Look Like I Write Stuff

Hi ya! Okay, so I am in the process of moving (among other very stressful things), which is my excuse for not being around. Again. I feel guilty that I am this excited to have an actual excuse for my disappearing act. Well anyway, since Max Ames Fest starts in like five minutes or something I thought I would use this space to show you that I have been up to a couple of things.

Here is little preview of the shows you shouldn’t miss.

Unrelated, but worthy of a mention. I also reviewed Viva Montesa’s new album. Go here for that.

A little programming note. I am going to be spending some time trying to find a new job. Maybe one that isn’t retail, maybe one that is. I’m not sure. The possibilities are endless. Well, there are ends. I mean I ain’t becoming CEO of anything, probably. Also, I am moving from the ‘burbs back to big city. So, yeah…I will be around, I just likely won’t be around. Ya dig?


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