Hey, Let’s Talk About Why I Ain’t Talking About Music For a Second And When I Plan On Talking About Music Again

Hey, it’s my kiddo’s 3rd birthday today. (Pic by the incredible Jami Graves and taken with her cellphone because she is awesome and does cool shit like that.)

So, yeah. My hiatus went on a little longer than I expected. After getting settled from my move and waiting for my Wi-Fi, I got roughly a whole day of uninterrupted internet goodness, which I decided to use on Fantasy Football and Netflix and pictures of cats and not on writing. Less than 24 hours later, my computer thought it would be just the greatest peachiest keen idea in the whole gosh darned world to allow its motherboard to fail. I assume that computers have enough AI to do shit like this on purpose. I have been lead to believe, thanks to the good people at Pixar, that my inanimate objects are sentient beings capable of their own thoughts and actions. My computer, just happens to be a computer anthropomorphized into a complete dick. Like, my Gateway laptop went “Yo. Fuck this guy. Hey, TV antenna (who I assume is the computer’s best friend), watch this!” and then electronically jumped off a bridge, holding up a middle finger the entire time before it crashed into a virtual bay. I know that my old computer did this on purpose. Just violently and angrily failed just to spite me. It wasn’t so much that the motherboard failed, it spent a couple of days tricking me into thinking that it would work. Fun stuff, like popping up a dialogue box that told me that simply my battery was wearing out and working well enough to start a draft on some stuff (yeah, sometimes I have drafts, it ain’t all just stream of conscious and stick figure pictures all of the time) then just shutting the hell off out of nowhere. So, yeah, it was almost like it received a ton of CPR and would slightly resuscitate and then called it a life and died. There may be a Viking funeral, mostly so I can set it on fire.

I, however, refused to accept there was anything wrong. I was only on the denial stage of grief, so I figured I could just get it fixed, and for cheap, too. Stupid computer un-savvy me waltzed into Best Buy, with ol’ Gateway’s corpse in my backpack, and told them I needed a new battery at which point they looked at my computer, heard the symptoms and then punched me directly in the stomach and threw salt into my eyes. My computer, which I paid $415 for, needed $670 worth of repairs. How do you fathom that shit? It doesn’t even have $670 worth of parts and labor in it, right? So, yeah, I figured new computer was necessary, but I am poor, so I can’t just point at a new device and write a check like I’m a damned Rockefeller. So I knew what my next step was credit. I was awesomely informed that I couldn’t get financing because, of course, I had lived in my new place for less than 30 days. Oh, and also, my credit score is higher than my IQ, but just barely. According to one report, it is actually less. Oh, and then, my cat peed on our couch and now we have a shower curtain covering it until we can get it cleaned, which is unrelated, but also sucks. What an exciting time I live in.

So, anyway, long story short I got some help from my mother and step-father (which isn’t embarrassing at all; being 32 and having to turn to mommy), got a sweet ass new Windows 8 computer (it’s a Toshiba, so you know its good) and now I am back. How back? How’s about every freaking day*, that’s how back I am.

*For the next four days.

I have a slight back log of albums I want to review so I will probably do a review a day for the next week. How lucky are you? Eh, lucky enough, I suppose. If there is anyone who still wants to read what I have to say after so much delay. But yeah, barring some sort of stupid spite filled outburst from my new friend Toshiba, this blog will be back on the reg. I might also have some previews and maybe some other stuff. But for sure a review a day, starting Tuesday afternoon.


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