Vaudeville Mews Is 10!

Poster by the awesome Basemint Designs. It will be available for puchase on Wednesday.

Poster by the awesome Basemint Designs. It will be available for puchase on Wednesday.

This Wednesday, the most beautiful venue in the world is 10 years old. Now, the beauty of the Vaudeville Mews will never be skin deep. It is a little run down. The carpet is torn and the stage is small. The green room is crowded. And the bathrooms, dear God, let’s not even speak of the horrifying conditions of the restrooms. Pray you never have to poo, you’d almost be better off doing it in the alley.

But for all of its warts, Vaudeville Mews is and always will be the spot for local talent, the spot for a band living out of a van and trying to make a name for themselves and the spot for only the hippest of national acts. Of course, I am going to be biased because of where I live and what I’ve seen there, but I love Vaudeville Mews almost as much as I love family members.

I grew up musically with the Mews. It has been as big a part of what has defined me as a music fan as any other outlet in the world; magazines, radio, internet, what have you. Sometimes, I would just go there regardless of who is playing, whether I had heard of them or not, and often I would be completely blown away. Often, I would convince myself I was blown away, buy a CD, listen to it the next day and realize that I was not, in fact, blown away; I was just drunk. Sometimes, high school kids would wear Sesame Street t-shirts and sing death metal. But I never went to Mews and got bored. I never left underwhelmed. I always left with a new tune to whistle, or a CD in my hand or at the very least, a greater appreciation for what I do like.

I also owe a debt of gratitude to this place for what it’s down to help me, personally. On a personal and professional level, I never would’ve gotten the guts to book shows with DMSC without the help of Ladd Askland and Amedeo Rossi. Their kindness and openness helped me learn about a lot of the bands I got to work with and now write about. I would also be a jerk if I didn’t mention the affection I was afforded from the late Frank Burnette, arguably the most amazing man I ever got the pleasure to know. A gentle soul who only wanted to make other’s lives better.

On a more philosophical level, I owe Vaudeville Mews a huge debt just for existing. If it wasn’t for them, I never would’ve discovered my love of music. Because they they were able to bring in so many awesome unknown acts, I probably wouldn’t have discovered that there is a a whole world outside of the FM dial. I can pinpoint where things changed for me to a specific show I saw at Vaudeville Mews. No other place in town would’ve brought in Awesome Car Funmaker at that time and I will forever be beholden to Mews for letting me see them live.

But, that’s the wonderful thing about Vaudeville Mews. This little hole in the wall always seems to pack a wallop. I have been to shows there that have blown me away, and been the only person there, and I have been elbows to assholes with some of Des Moines’ finest. It just always seems like Vaudeville Mews is a magical place that somehow manages to always bring int he best.

On Wednesday, December 5, the Mews turns 10. To celebrate they have the amazing bands Eternal Summers and Land of Blood and Sunshine and one of my absolute favorites Love Songs For Lonely Monsters. Show is at 7 and is only $7. So go, listen to awesome music and give thanks. Because having a place like this in our town is a beautiful, beautiful thing.


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