Dang. Forgot A Couple of Things


Dammit. There were totally three things I meant to talk about both here and at Des Moines is Not Boring and I blew it. So lets do one more quickie post.

-Tonight at Beechwood Lounge is a free show featuring Diamonds For Eyes, Wrestling With Wolves, Strong Like Bear and Dan Mariska. This is a great show, especially for free. Diamonds For Eyes also released their 2011 album The Era Of Our Ways, so you should check that out, too.

-Gas Lamp also has a cool show on Monday April 15. Good For You plays a 21+ show, and you should check that out. Good For You features Greg Ginn of Black Flag and Mike Vallely, who you may know best as a pro skater. Should be a blast.

-Also there is a cool art festival held in Monmouth, IA called Seldom Seen. It features art of all kinds, music, film lit and more. This year’s event is June 28 and 29 and features the band PHOX, but also blog favorites like Trouble Lights and Alexis Stevens. They have also launched a PledgeMusic page you should check out and maybe throw some money towards. More info right here.


Gross Domestic Product Is Saturday

House of Large Sizes headlines GDP this Saturday. Click for all the details.

House of Large Sizes headlines GDP this Saturday. Click for all the details.

What can we say at this point that hasn’t already been said. I did a profile of each band last year, this year DMMC did it bigger and better on their website (click the pic to check that out). Now it’s just planning your schedule and heading that way. While all access passes are sold out online, there will be a handful opening up at 5pm tomorrow at the Kirkwood Hotel/Des Moines Social Club for $20. Otherwise, each show is available to purchase separately (Early show (5-9) at Vaudeville Mews, Late Show (930-1 21+) at Vaudeville Mews and 4th Street Theatre). Here is the full lineup:

Vaudeville Mews Outdoor Patio (FREE)
5:30-6:15: Madison Ray and All the Single Ladies
6:30-7:15: TWINS
7:30-8:15: Kris Adams
8:30-9:15: Annalibera
9:30-10:15: Dustin Smith & the Sunday Silos
10:30-11:30: MR NASTI

5:15-6:00: Jordan Mayland & Thermal Detonators
6:15-7:00: As For You
7:15-8:00: Land Of Blood & Sunshine
8:15-9:00: Handlebar

9:35-10:10: Wolves In The Attic
10:25-11:00: The Wheelers
11:30-1:30: House Of Large Sizes

5:45-6:30: Is Home Is
6:45-7:30: Lesbian Poetry
7:45-8:30: H.D. Harmsen
8:45-9:30: Seed Of Something
9:45-10:30: The Olympics
10:45-Midnight: Trouble Lights

5pm: DJ Pretty Good, Pretty Bad (Chuck Dusbabek)
6pm: DJ No Jack All Jill (Jill Haverkamp) – Long time DMMC & 80/35 volunteer, owner of On Pitch
7pm: DJ Scented Vinyl (Daniel Bosman) – Host of legendary Scented Vinyl & Barista at Mars Cafe
8pm: DJ’s Roland and Arthur (John Adrianse and Ryan Meier)
9pm: DJ Tone Zone (Tony Galloro) -Local music photographer and DJ of Back Stage Ball 2013
10pm: DJ Mona Bonez (Ramona Muse) -Local musician, artist, member of Leslie & the Lys, and The Lift Pub Quiz host!
11pm: DJ Bob Nastanovich (Bob Nastanovich) – member of indie rock legends Pavement
12pm: DJ Hogstyle (Marc Hogan) – Music writer for Spin, Pitchfork, and Emusic!
1am: DJ Up All the Way All the Time (Brandon Logsdon) –Vaudeville Mews employee


As for me, I will be down there barring a baby appearance. Probably hanging out at 4th Street and PBR Bar, but we will see where the night takes me. Hopefully, I will see you there. If you are there, come say “hi” and buy me a beer because I am poor.

Two Awesome Shows Tonight, Plus, What I’ve Been Up To Lately

There are two incredible shows tonight, so you have your work cut out for you, Des Moines.

First, Clutch w/ Orange Goblin, Lionize and Scorpion Child play Wooly’s. Clutch was the first in a long line of bands I fell in love with out of nowhere. Back when you could get a dozen CD’s for a penny from a magazine ad (yes youngsters, this was a thing that happened) I purchased an album called The Elephant Riders because I thought that was a funny thing to title an album, and I had only 11 CD’s picked out and needed to fill my order. I actually put it in right away when the package arrived, and was blown away. Here we are 15+ years later and I still listen to it regularly, along with a whole lot more of what Clutch has released. I also have it on good authority that Orange Goblin is incredible.

The second big show tonight is B. Dolan, Toki Wright, Mike Mictlan and prettygirlhatemachine at Vaudeville Mews. I spoke of the incredible Toki Wright last time he was in town. Now he brings with him Mike Mictlan from Doomtree and B. Dolan, who is a lyrical genius and world renowned poet/MC. For real, watch that video I posted and check it out. These three are among the smartest, most gifted and most thoughtful talents in the world. They are joined by Des Moines’ own prettygirlhatemachine, a pretty awesome group in their own right. This show may sneak by a few people, but do your best to get to it.

Hit the jump for some housekeeping type stuff and a few links to some other pieces I have been working on:

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24 Hours Later – A Look at the 80-35 Lineup


Greater Des Moines Music Coalition released the first part of 2013’s 80/35 lineup yesterday at 10 am. You don’t come to this blog for breaking news. I am aware of this. It’s why I didn’t throw out a post immediately after the 80/35 lineup announcement. Others broke the news, and you likely would’ve got it from other outlets then come here and read the same damn thing. I figured why not give this news 24 hours to sink into the public and then we can talk about it a bit without the either initial disappointment or initial excitement. And from my minor amount of research, there seems to be a little of the former and a lot of the latter.

Just in case you were under a rock yesterday and I AM breaking news, here is the initial lineup announcement:

> David Byrne & St. Vincent
> Yeasayer
> Tea Leaf Green
> Roster McCabe
> Kitty (Pryde)
> Euforquestra
> Dustin Smith & The Sunday Silos
> Annalibera

> Wu-Tang Clan
> Deerhunter
> Umphrey’s McGee
> Wavves
> Mr. Baber’s Neighbors
> House of Large Sizes
> Jon Wayne & The Pain
> The River Monks
> Tires
> Trouble Lights
> Mumford’s

My first reactions are that having someone as legendary and even a little rare as both David Byrne and Wu Tang headline a festival as inexpensive as 80/35 is incredible. Wu Tang especially. Ghostface, RZA and Method Man could all be near the top of this festival solo, so to have them all together is just silly. Maybe I have been thinking a lot about money lately, but it sure seems like $50 for two days and two acts of that magnitude is just an incredible bargain. Throw in the rest, like Deerhunter, Yeasayer and one of my favorite bands in the world Wavves, and it seems like such an incredible no brainer.

I guess the big complaint I have seen is that Wu Tang is washed up, which is super annoying. Ghostface Killah has been releasing critically acclaimed albums for years. I get that we are six years plus from Fishscale, but c’mon, suddenly they’re washed up? Method Man, RZA and GZA have been doing solo stuff for a while, too. So it seems like a silly notion that this is some washed up band from the 90’s and not a legendary group with something to contribute artistically. I even saw someone say that it wasn’t indicative of where hip hop is in 2013, as if WU Tang wasn’t a huge influence on pretty much all of these people, everything from how to market yourself to actual performance. It is super silly to discard them as washed up. Nearly idiotic.

Now to the stuff I don’t like. There are a lot of jam bands. There are always a lot of jam bands, I guess it just seems that this year, there are a lot of well known jam bands. As far as stature goes, UM, Tea Leaf Green, Roster McCabe and Jon Wayne and the Pain are all big enough names that they may take up a spot for a bigger name band I would be more into. Now last year’s late announcements added shit like Jaill and K-Holes, so I am not too concerned and assume there will be more stuff to my liking. I am not as excited about the initial announcement as I was last year, but there is enough good to overcome the, uh, less good.

Oh, and good choices for locals so far. Giving Tires and Trouble Lights a spot on the fest seems like a no brainer and they seem like the two that will steal the show from all the national attention if given a chance. I’m excited for them and hope they get a good spot to showcase what they can do. As for the rest, just pure talent all around. I have zero complaints.