Dang. Forgot A Couple of Things


Dammit. There were totally three things I meant to talk about both here and at Des Moines is Not Boring and I blew it. So lets do one more quickie post.

-Tonight at Beechwood Lounge is a free show featuring Diamonds For Eyes, Wrestling With Wolves, Strong Like Bear and Dan Mariska. This is a great show, especially for free. Diamonds For Eyes also released their 2011 album The Era Of Our Ways, so you should check that out, too.

-Gas Lamp also has a cool show on Monday April 15. Good For You plays a 21+ show, and you should check that out. Good For You features Greg Ginn of Black Flag and Mike Vallely, who you may know best as a pro skater. Should be a blast.

-Also there is a cool art festival held in Monmouth, IA called Seldom Seen. It features art of all kinds, music, film lit and more. This year’s event is June 28 and 29 and features the band PHOX, but also blog favorites like Trouble Lights and Alexis Stevens. They have also launched a PledgeMusic page you should check out and maybe throw some money towards. More info right here.

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