I’m Officially Unemployed; Let’s Write About Stuff Again

The current Iowaves Music Blog staff look out the window of the office/living room.

The current Iowaves Music Blog staff look out the window of the office/living room.

I’m bored, mainly.

I kind of abandoned this blog thanks to the grind of full-time employment and familial commitments. Also, poverty kind of kept me from attending the shows I wanted to attend. Age and responsibilities are bullshit, man. I kept up with my Des Moines is Not Boring commitments (as well as I could anyway), but that was mostly because I didn’t want to lose all credibility.

But now, I have a huge backlog of stuff to listen to, and all the time in the world to listen to it. You see, I was told my services were no longer necessary (it was a good job to get on a resume and I hold no grudges) so now outside of my commitment to watching every single damn thing on the WWE Network and a shitty attempt at beard growth (which I have already abandoned, for now), my slate is pretty open. I have a ton of albums to listen to and a bunch of things on my mind.

So with a baby yelling in my ear and an annoying dog who won’t leave me alone as my co-pilots, I plan to once again spend a majority of my time talking about myself in an effort to push forward Iowa music. Lucky everyone.

See you tomorrow.


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