My name is Dave and I am a pretend writer. I mean, I actually write things, because, you know, you’re reading things I’m writing. What I mean is that I am an amateur writer, but when I see people from my high school, this is what I tell them I do for a living. I am no journalist, I am biased, I have specific tastes and I like writing about them, I am occasionally friends with the subjects and yes, I do want to hear your band so if you have stuff, send it this way. Also, I do not write negative reviews. If I don’t like something, I just don’t talk about it. That simple.

For the sake of credibility, I am the music writer for the blog Des Moines Is NOT Boring and also for Greater Des Moines Music Coalition , 80-35.com as well as some booking and promoting. Hopefully that will convince you that I’m not just some schmuck.

What I want to do with this blog is help further the promotion of Iowa music, occasionally some other stuff, and give me an outlet to talk about, well, me. I talk about me, a lot.



  1. Hi Dave,
    I work with a Minneapolis band called Buildings you may be interested in checking out. They are playing OFF Minor in Dubuque on Thurs July 19th w/ Fetal Pig, Humans in Animal Attire, Amerik Inquisition.

    I couldn’t find an email address to send you a link to the their EPK. If you want to send that to me, I’ll provide a link to the album. take care.

    • I can be reached at david.j.murphy10@gmail.com. Just in case anyone else wants to send me stuff…No junk mail and no email forwards please.

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