80/35 Schedule – Let’s Fight the Conflicts Together

(Here is The River Monks video for “I Am A Lake” shot by the good people at DEFT.)

Last week 80/35 released their schedule. When I first read it, it seemed kind of cut and dry as to which shows I would go to, so I didn’t think the column would be necessary. But now that I have actually sat down to officially plan out my schedule, it turns out there are a few absolutely brutal conflicts. So, let’s power through this together.

Don’t have tickets to 80/35, yet? How dare you.

If you do decide to head down and just go to the free stages (which I would support because those stages are awesome), please buy your beer there and maybe an 80/35 t-shirt. Or even just donate $10 to the Greater Des Moines Music Coalition. They are a non-profit, afterall, and I would like them to continue doing this each year.

Here is the full schedule, in chronological order, for your reference. 80/35 also has an app you can download if your phone is not a bunch of garbage (Incidentally, a solid fuck off to US Cellular for changing the date of my eligibility and destroying their phone pricing model, but I’m digressing) (MS – Main Stage, KG – Kum and Go Stage, HV – Hy Vee Stage)


12:00 p.m. Brother Trucker -MS
12:00 p.m. Quick Piss –KG
12:00 p.m. M34n Str33t HV
12:45 p.m. Fury Things – KG
1:00 p.m. Fire Sale HV
1:30 p.m. Gloom Balloon – MS
1:45 p.m. Chicago Farmer – KG
2:00 p.m. TWINS HV
2:45 p.m. TREE – KG
3:15 p.m. Dawes – MS
3:00 p.m. Cirrus Minor HV
3:45 p.m. Circle of Heat – KG
4:00 p.m. Bonne Finken HV
4:45 p.m. Black Diet – KG
5:00 p.m. Best Coast – MS
5:00 p.m. GoodcaT HV
5:45 p.m. Pert Near Sandstone – KG
6:00 p.m. MAIDS HV
6:45 p.m. The Hooten Hallers – KG
6:45 p.m. Ziggy Marley – MS
7:00 p.m. Max Jury HV
8:00 p.m. Surfer Blood – KG
8:00 p.m. The River Monks HV
9:00 p.m. Conor Oberst – MS


12:00 p.m. Boy & Bear MS
12:00 p.m. Dat Dude Biggz KG
12:00 p.m. Volcano Boys HV
12:45 p.m. Har-di-Har KG
1:00 p.m. Zeta June HV
1:45 p.m. Soap KG
1:45 p.m. Raz Simone MS
2:00 p.m. Foxholes HV
2:45 p.m. Shy Boys KG
3:00 p.m. Kris Adams HV
3:15 p.m. The Envy Corps MS
3:45 p.m. Useful Jenkins KG
4:00 p.m. James Biehn HV
4:45 p.m. The Whigs KG
5:00 p.m. Parlours HV
5:00 p.m. Xavier Rudd MS
5:45 p.m. Caroline Smith KG
6:00 p.m. Aquamarine Dream Machine HV
6:45 p.m. King Fantastic KG
7:00 p.m. Holy White Hounds HV
7:00 p.m. Dr. Dog MS
8:00 p.m. Those Darlins KG
8:00 p.m. The Maytags HV
9:00 p.m. Cake MS

(I didn’t include the late night shows because sadly, I will not be in attendance for them. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go, if that’s what you desire.)

So let’s talk this out, and maybe we can figure this out together. It will be okay. It will all be okay.

M34N STR33T vs Brother Trucker vs Quick Piss – July 4 Noon

The festival kicks off with three quality bands in three different genres. M34N STR33T is a hip hop act from Omaha, Quick Piss is grimy punk and Brother Trucker is good old-fashioned rock and roll. I really like all three, but I sort of feel like I can see some version of Brother Trucker a lot this summer, so if its a three way tie, sadly they’re probably out. The remaining two are super unique and I’m having a tough time picking. I would really like to see the show with the full projection art, though, and I worry that at noon, M34N STR33T aren’t going to have that element. But Quick Piss is playing an aftershow with Surfer Blood that I hope I can go to. It’s a tough call.

WINNER – Quick Piss

Surfer Blood vs The River Monks – July 4 8pm

Three months ago and this is a no brainer. Surfer Blood are awesome and they rarely come through here, if ever. The River Monks are a local, and they get gigs, so I could miss them and not fret. It’s just that River Monks put out the album that I am listening to more than any other right now, and I sort of feel I should see them play stuff off of it. Again, Surfer Blood is playing an aftershow, so I could conceivably just go to that, but I really like Surfer Blood. Guh, this one is going to hurt.

WINNER – Surfer Blood

Raz Simone vs Foxholes – July 5 145/2pm

The hip-hop acts have all been revelations this year. TREE, King Fantastic, Dat Dude Biggz, Kris Adams and M34N STR33T all have a ton of ability. The best of the bunch might be Raz Simone, a no-nonsense writer who speaks from the heart and from the soul. Foxholes have been a revelation themselves, bursting onto the scene with a riff and a yell. Maybe the toughest call of the fest and one I will probably catch a little of both. If I have to choose one, though, I think I know which way to go.

WINNER – Foxholes

The Whigs vs Xavier Rudd – July 5 454/5pm

I normally wouldn’t be that into a guy who appeals to the jam crowd, but Xavier Rudd is different. His sound is so unique and his live show sounds incredible due to the sheer amount of instruments and sounds he makes by himself. The Whigs are getting a lot of press and they have this classic rock grind to them that makes them special. Solid choice either way.

WINNER – Xavier Rudd

King Fantastic vs Dr. Dog vs Holy White Hounds – July 5 645/7pm

Three tough choices. I will probably catch the first few minutes of King Fantastic, so that may suffice, but they are so good. At 7 both Holy White Hounds and Dr. Dog play. Every Dr. Dog song I have heard I have liked, but Holy White Hounds are really putting together an awesome live show. I regret missing their turn at GDP, so I may have to rectify that here. The problem with the whole national vs local is that the locals really go all out for 80/35, so you can’t always just say “I will catch them another time” because another time won’t be as special. This feels like a set that is going to be special. Fuck it, going with my gut.

WINNER – Dr. Dog

So Friday looks like: Quick Piss, Fury Things, Gloom Balloon, TWINS, TREE, Dawes, Bonne Finken, Best Coast, Maids, Ziggy Marley, Surfer Blood, Conor Oberst

And for Saturday: Boy & Bear, Har-di-Har, Raz Simone, Foxholes, Envy Corps, James Biehn, The Whigs, Xavier Rudd, Caroline Smith, King Fantastic, Dr. Dog, Those Darlins, Cake

Best laid plans and all that, though, right? We will see where the days take me in just under two weeks.


Gross Domestic Product Is Saturday

House of Large Sizes headlines GDP this Saturday. Click for all the details.

House of Large Sizes headlines GDP this Saturday. Click for all the details.

What can we say at this point that hasn’t already been said. I did a profile of each band last year, this year DMMC did it bigger and better on their website (click the pic to check that out). Now it’s just planning your schedule and heading that way. While all access passes are sold out online, there will be a handful opening up at 5pm tomorrow at the Kirkwood Hotel/Des Moines Social Club for $20. Otherwise, each show is available to purchase separately (Early show (5-9) at Vaudeville Mews, Late Show (930-1 21+) at Vaudeville Mews and 4th Street Theatre). Here is the full lineup:

Vaudeville Mews Outdoor Patio (FREE)
5:30-6:15: Madison Ray and All the Single Ladies
6:30-7:15: TWINS
7:30-8:15: Kris Adams
8:30-9:15: Annalibera
9:30-10:15: Dustin Smith & the Sunday Silos
10:30-11:30: MR NASTI

5:15-6:00: Jordan Mayland & Thermal Detonators
6:15-7:00: As For You
7:15-8:00: Land Of Blood & Sunshine
8:15-9:00: Handlebar

9:35-10:10: Wolves In The Attic
10:25-11:00: The Wheelers
11:30-1:30: House Of Large Sizes

5:45-6:30: Is Home Is
6:45-7:30: Lesbian Poetry
7:45-8:30: H.D. Harmsen
8:45-9:30: Seed Of Something
9:45-10:30: The Olympics
10:45-Midnight: Trouble Lights

5pm: DJ Pretty Good, Pretty Bad (Chuck Dusbabek)
6pm: DJ No Jack All Jill (Jill Haverkamp) – Long time DMMC & 80/35 volunteer, owner of On Pitch
7pm: DJ Scented Vinyl (Daniel Bosman) – Host of legendary Scented Vinyl & Barista at Mars Cafe
8pm: DJ’s Roland and Arthur (John Adrianse and Ryan Meier)
9pm: DJ Tone Zone (Tony Galloro) -Local music photographer and DJ of Back Stage Ball 2013
10pm: DJ Mona Bonez (Ramona Muse) -Local musician, artist, member of Leslie & the Lys, and The Lift Pub Quiz host!
11pm: DJ Bob Nastanovich (Bob Nastanovich) – member of indie rock legends Pavement
12pm: DJ Hogstyle (Marc Hogan) – Music writer for Spin, Pitchfork, and Emusic!
1am: DJ Up All the Way All the Time (Brandon Logsdon) –Vaudeville Mews employee


As for me, I will be down there barring a baby appearance. Probably hanging out at 4th Street and PBR Bar, but we will see where the night takes me. Hopefully, I will see you there. If you are there, come say “hi” and buy me a beer because I am poor.

Here Is Some More Stuff To Make It Look Like I Write Stuff

Hi ya! Okay, so I am in the process of moving (among other very stressful things), which is my excuse for not being around. Again. I feel guilty that I am this excited to have an actual excuse for my disappearing act. Well anyway, since Max Ames Fest starts in like five minutes or something I thought I would use this space to show you that I have been up to a couple of things.

Here is little preview of the shows you shouldn’t miss.

Unrelated, but worthy of a mention. I also reviewed Viva Montesa’s new album. Go here for that.

A little programming note. I am going to be spending some time trying to find a new job. Maybe one that isn’t retail, maybe one that is. I’m not sure. The possibilities are endless. Well, there are ends. I mean I ain’t becoming CEO of anything, probably. Also, I am moving from the ‘burbs back to big city. So, yeah…I will be around, I just likely won’t be around. Ya dig?

A Couple of Links To Take You Into The Weekend

Click this to hear the new Seedlings album, and then go buy it on iTunes.

It has been just over a year since I started writing about music. I started at Des Moines Is Not Boring in July of last year with a review of Mumford’s Triple Trinities, which turned out to be one of my favorite albums and an okay review. I’m going to level with you. When I first started, I thought I was going to be some sort of universally beloved figure who had a hit count of millions and the respect to waltz into any show an just say “Hey, I’m Dave Murphy” and get whatever I want. I thought that I would just be able to sit down and pound out a few hundred words, hit send, and dust off my hands and be awesome. I’m not real sure why I thought that. That is dumb. Throughout this year, I have learned a few other things:

– I am much better at this when I really try, so I shouldn’t half ass things and just accept the outcome.

– You are never universally beloved.

– It takes a year, at least, to figure out your voice. I will let you know how long after that it takes to actually perfect it.

– Iowa is bad ass. When you devote your free time to one area, that area better be awesome.

Anyway, here’s some stuff:

Earlier this week, I mentioned Heartless Bastards. Well, it’s tonight and you should go. I’m gonna go, and you want to be like me, right? I made my return to DMMC’s website just for a preview. That’s how much I am looking forward to this one.

It’s right here.

I also wrote a couple of things for Des Moines is Not Boring in the last couple of weeks. I reviewed the EP from Alex Kintzle and The Davis Brothers (hey, remember what I said about half-assing stuff. Here is me half-assing something). I actually feel bad about how little I like this review, because the album is great. I also reviewed the new album from Seedlings. Incredible album.

So yeah, have a good weekend. Be well.

Today @ Desmoinesmc.com

Sorry for the light workload today, but I have been hard at work of at the Des Moines Music Coalition’s site. There are two GDP previews up for The White Elephant and The Beatnicks. Special thanks to Ann Klein for her valuable editing skills and slogging through my sleep deprived and hangover blurred musings.

Today @ DesMoinesMC.com

In my ongoing effort to get you to go to GDP, I previewed Hath No Fury. So, are you going to go to GDP now?