Happy St. Patrick’s – Featuring The Vandon Arms

The Vandon Arms were, at one time, the premier Irish punk rock act in Des Moines. Though they have now abandoned the project, they do occasionally reunite for a show or two, here and there. Here is just a quick song to remind you of their awesomeness. Also, a reminder from your caring blog-master to be safe and kind to one other on Saturday. You go to a rock show and someone in the pit falls in front of you; help the bastard up. You go to a pub and a man falls off his stool or needs help out the bar, you help the bastard out. You drink too much and want to get home, you call a cab and let the bastard drive. You take a cab home, tip well, and probably don’t call them a bastard. Drink well, be well and I will see you all Monday.