Road Trip Monday – Middle of the Map Festival – Kansas City

Each Monday I’m going to try and highlight something within driving distance that maybe you didn’t know about. While Iowa is awesome, sometimes being away from Iowa is awesome, too. Also, there has to be some sort of clever title I can use for this. Maybe “Matriculating Monday?” No, that’s stupid. Road Trip Monday it is, unless I think of something better next week.

This article is subtitled “An Excuse To Use Fucked Up Lyrics That Use My Given Name In An Article.”

Hello, my name is David. (Nailed it!)

On April 5 – 7 Kansas City hosts a multi-venue, multi-genre festival called Middle of the Map Fest. While Iowa is surely no stranger to festivals of this type, Iowa City’s Mission Creek Festival is the weekend before this and the fall’s Maximum Ames Festival debuted last year to lots of success, this one is totally worth travelling to. For two very specific reasons:

1. It is only $35 for all three days, which is just an unfathomable steal for three days worth of music.

2. Fucked Up.


Now I guess that’s unfair to the rest of the lineup, as it is really strong. But, man do I just adore Fucked Up. Even if I feel like I’ve kind of outgrown the angry hardcore phase of my life, there is just something so endearing about Damon Abraham and his chubby, fuzzy, Canadian genius.

Seriously though, click on the link and check out the full lineup as it is just incredible. For those too lazy to hit the link, here are some of my highlights:

Mission of Burma

Fun. (Dig the now ubiquitous “We are Young”, but kind of didn’t care for the rest of the most recent album. Someone feel free to convince me otherwise, though. I’m easily swayed.)

Neon Indian

Murder By Death (Also coming to Des Moines next month, but don’t let that sway you. Go to both.)

Unicycle Loves You (Hey, remember that time I covered them?)

Cowboy Indian Bear


Keep Shelly In Athens

El Ten Eleven (Also playing Mission Creek)


Mr. Gnome


La Guerre

And just lots, lots more. Be sure to click the link at the top of the page and get tickets and go.