Hi! Welcome! Aloha! Yo! Exclamation Points!!!!


How’s it going?

Please let me introduce myself. My name is Dave and I am a pretend writer. I mean, I actually write things, because, you know, you’re reading things I’m writing. What I mean is that I am an amateur writer, but when I see people from my high school, this is what I tell them I do for a living.

For the sake of credibility, I am the music writer for the blog Des Moines Is NOT Boring and also for Greater Des Moines Music Coalition as well as booking and promoting for Des Moines Social Club. Hopefully that will convince you that I’m not just some schmuck.

What I want to do with this blog is help further the promotion of Iowa music, as well as give me an outlet to talk about some of the other stuff I am listening to.

Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for reading. Here is something for your troubles: